How to Decorate a Bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom

German footwear brand Birkenstock has moved into the bedroom, adapting the principles behind its famous sandals to a collection of beds launched at this year’s IMM Cologne furniture fair.

IMM: Birkenstock
Six different bed frames make up Birkenstock’s new collection, like Main, which features mountain sheep’s wool, leather and wooden legs

Best known for its open-toed shoes with contoured soles, Birkenstock‘s new sleep systems include mattresses, slatted frames and six styles of beds made using the brand’s signature mixture of granulated cork and natural latex.

Since the 1930s, Birkenstock has created orthopaedic footbeds by studying the anatomy of the foot and using natural materials and shape to stabilise it.

IMM: Birkenstock
The upholstered Sao Paulo version has leather piping

The brand has now broadened its focus to the entire musculoskeletal system. It claims the resulting bed systems, which feature a high level of elasticity and individual contouring, promote a more restful night’s sleep.


“The Birkenstock principles for walking and standing are now being applied to lying and sleeping comfort,” said the brand.

“Just as the Birkenstock footbed fits the natural form of the foot, the form of these sleep systems is attuned to the entire body,” it continued. “Their exceptional support ensures healthy and restful sleep.”

IMM: Birkenstock
Leather strap details are designed to weather over time, and hold newspapers for bedtime reading

The brand created its beds based on research by Germany’s Ergonomie Institut M√ľnchen and worked with the Austrian upholstered furniture manufacturer ADA to realise the project.

Its bed designs are built from three elements: a base, a dual-layered mattress and a surrounding frame.

Several of the bases feature undulating beech wood slats in different shapes for various body types. Another bed base features elastic discs that are made of cork, like the brand’s shoes, and set on springs to relieve pressure on the body.

IMM: Birkenstock
The Montreal features a solid oak base patterned like the tread of Birkenstock’s shoes

Mattresses range from wave-shaped to flat, and feature a support layer made of natural latex with granulated cork that the brand designed to be shock absorbent.

The support layer rests on a base layer of either natural latex, a cold foam made with plant-based oils, or a micro-pocket spring mattress. Three different levels of firmness are available.

IMM: Birkenstock
Birkenstock has also developed wooden slats to suit different body shapes

The bed bases and mattresses are designed to sit in Birkenstock’s new bed frames, of which the brand showed six models at this year’s IMM Cologne. Their headboards feature more cork, as well as jute, leather and wool-felt.

Each one is named after a different city and styled to suit different interiors. The Sao Paulo version has leather piping, while the Montreal features a solid oak base patterned like the tread of Birkenstock’s shoes.

IMM: Birkenstock
A wave-shaped base is designed to support the contours of the body, and is accompanied by an undulating mattress

For the Canberra design, the headboard is made from hand-sewn extra-thick leather that marks with regular use, and the bed frame is covered in fine wool felt.

A mix of real leather, loden cloth made from Tyrolean mountain sheep’s wool and pure wood cover Maine’s rounded headboard, while leather straps on the Montevideo and Iona create a way to store newspapers and other bedside reading material.

IMM: Birkenstock
An alternative base is made up of cork discs and set on springs to relieve pressure on the body