We see all the colors of India & we feel something!

We see the same picture in black & white, and we feel a completely different thing!

But what about our Home?? What do we want to feel when we look at it?!

We can’t leave the place we stay in 24/7 up to chance!

Scientists found that each color conveys a feeling & can even push behavior!

See a Blood RED room & feel the energy bounce in your body…most likely it will be a restaurant or a kitchen.

See a purple lavender room & let relaxation fill every inch of you with complete peace…the best bedroom ever after a long tiring day!

But what about other colors?

Energy & appetite -red -kitchen/dining room

Vibrance – Orange -dark rooms

Happiness -Yellow – Fun Room/kitchen

Nature & stress reduction – Green – Office

Peacefulness- Blue -family room/bedroom

Luxury -purple – reception/dining room

Calmness – lilac -Bedroom

Stability– brown -library/office

Power & mysteriousness -black

Conservative & wise – Grey

But you don’t have to fill the whole room with Red if you want to stimulate your energy…actually overusing it can cause headache!

That’s why we shouldn’t use these bright energetic colors in large amounts, or big spaces in the bedroom.

Similarly black & grey cannot be used alone, and have to be given life with other colors.

So, the desired color could be inserted in small elements around the room, to give the desired feeling, not necessarily on a large area, and not necessarily alone.

For example, you can have a beige walled room, with a brown sofa, but you can easily insert Hunter green for a royal nature feel…by adding many green pillows for example, and many green accessories around the room.

Or if you want a burst of happiness, you can add some sunshine yellow elements, accessories, cushions, sunflowers etc. And if you are really up for it, you can paint one wall in sunshine yellow, or in curry or ochre …for a softer yellow…and so forth!

You can even Mix more than 1 color & create a color palette to have different feelings in the same room, or balance the effect of some colors with their opposites!

Like the energetic yellow & the stable brown, Or the passionate red & the wise grey …etc.

Unleash the artist within & Let your mind run wild!

So for every Room, select the main feeling you want to convey, and select the colors accordingly, then choose the scale of the color ; whether you will give it a large space (a whole wall), or insert it in small amounts (some accessories).

And thus, like an artist, you know what your painting would look like at the end! Your home is of no less importance!


So here is a small cheat sheet:

  •  Choose the feeling
  •  Choose the color /color palette
  •  Determine the scale of each color (used alot in small amounts)
  •  Choose your feelings…choose your colors!