Positive energy

Positive energy

Our home is our refuge…we need to feel cleansed of all the day’s stress once we set foot inside.

Sometimes this doesn’t happen …so how can we create positive energy in our home?


Remove all sources of stress.

Like they say “a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen” …but it doesn’t apply only to kitchens…any clean space is happy & relaxing!

So tidy up & clean all the clutter, throw away whatever you are not using…minimalise!


Exhibit pieces that motivate you and fill you with happiness, whether photos with your loved ones/quotes/trophies/souvenirs from your travels…etc.


Lighting is the biggest source of positive energy!

Make sure you have a large window/glass wall that fills your home with plenty of natural light …let the sunbeams cleanse all negative energy!

For artifical lighting, instal dimmers instead of normal switchers, so you can control the intensity of light depending on your mood.

Also avoid flourescent & white blue light; go for warmer shades for a more peacful setting.

Indirect light is also much more destressing than direct light, so incclude multiple lamps around the room/accent lighting/or even candles!


4)Air Flow

Ensure your Home is well ventilated and allows an unblocked airflow, this will keep your home refreshing; flowing without stagnant negative energy

5)Simulate nature

Nature is the temple of positive energy, it is where our bodies belong & where it feels most comfortable.. where it really feels “at home”

Complete all the elements for a full sensory experience:


Green is the signature color of nature ..have it in different scales & sizes…large plants/small plants/a green plants wall/a faux-grass floor etc.

Not only will it cleanse the air…it will cleanse your soul to!


Smells activate the brain & can induce energy and happiness.

Light up candles/incense/essential oils …whether woody/flowery/fruity ..they are sure to cleanse your soul and fill you with satisfaction.


Not only is it essential to see nature, but also to feel it everywhere. Raw wood or stone walls/floors/faux fur carpets & pillows/animal prints …etc


Colors dominate our sensations with their energy ….depending on your room, choose whether you need to activate peace or energy, and use the corresponding colors; see our article on this topic for more details.


Domisticating birds is a very relaxing ambience creator when combined with all the above.

Another idea is to include a water curtain..not only will the presence of flowing water fill yohr place with positive energy, the sound will also relax your soul.

So declutter, motivate, light, flow & nature 😉 and feel all the positive energy flow within &around you in your ultimate relaxing sanctuary!