Space – Use Your Home Space Be Happy…5 ways & more!

Space – Use Your Home Space Be Happy…5 ways & more!

Use Your Home Space Be Happy…5 ways & more!

No matter how big one’s house is, we are still constrained by a limited space, so how can we maximize our needs in the available space?

The solution is by making it have all of the following:

Recreation space

Relaxing space

Personality space

Storage space

Functional space


Recreation Space

This is a space where you can have fun & energize.

Pick your theme…a Home theater/Gaming area/basketball wall etc.

Accessorize it…throw in colorful bean bags, hang artwork, related objects & posters, have murals & motivational quotes drawn on the walls …etc.


Relaxing Space

This is a space where you can completely chill & restore inner peace

Choose your favorite way

Add all the necessary elements

A classic royal French corner for morning coffee, music & reading

A meditation corner with candles, incense, lotions, bamboo & stones

A nature corner with a water curtain, pebbles or grass flooring etc.

Personality Space

Show What Makes You Who You Are, Your Interests & Things You Love. This is your core…what makes you truly happy!

Hobby Corner

Music corner with your favorite instrument, singers & playlists

Sport corner with all your equipment & idols; football/basketball/falconry/fishing

Art corner with all your pieces & your equipment

Photography corner with some backdrops & lighting

Coffee corner with all your favorite mugs, capsules, coffee accessories & morning quotes

Girly makeup corner with mirrors, lighting, all your jewelry, makeup set & nail polishes, your favorite brands & fashion quotes..etc.


Memories corner

A photo frames wall with all your favorite moments/people you love

A trophy corner with all your achievements

Storage Space

Visible but intelligent (for example; book shelves/cupboards in place of the wall crowning/shelves on a column/etc.)

Hidden (the space under the staircase/drawers inside the staircase/etc.)

Functional Space

A space designed to serve a specific purpose, not necessarily a whole room 2 square meters can be all the space you need!

A work space (can be as simple as only 1 different colored wall with some shelves & a desk)

A laundry room

A Closet


Implement all these, and guaranteed you will have a home you never want to leave, a home where you can relax, have fun, & reflect all the things you love!